Pangasinan State University is set to make history again as it embarks to be the first State University in the country to implement the Educational Organizations Management System (EOMS) 21001:2018 version.

Continuing the journey to excellence, PSU gathered all its concerned officials and stakeholders at the ASEAN hall of the Golden Lion Hotel for the orientation on EOMS 210001:2018 that serves as a guide for institutions that support the development of knowledge through teaching, learning and research.

University President Dr. Elbert M. Galas said PSU has been practicing International organization standards (ISO) since 2016 and migrating to EOMS is the next goal.

โ€œI believe we are ready, as our basic quality assurance mechanisms are in-placed. We have our foundation. I am confident that we can do it again,โ€ Dr. Galas said during the orientation.

Former PSU President Dr. Dexter R. Buted, who started the implementation of quality management systems in the university eight years ago, said the organizationโ€™s journey to provide the best possible service is non-stop.

โ€œChanging the mindset and culture of work is not an easy thing to do but we were able to do it together. Let us continue what we have started. Let us continue to walk together. Bear in mind the three Cs- commitment, competence and caring heart,โ€ Dr. Buted explained.

PSU Consultant Engr. Angelica Fraginal, who served as the speaker, lauded PSU for always aiming to be one step ahead in every endeavor as she introduced the phases of EOMS – planning and preparation, development, Implementation and sustenance.

โ€œWe have seen all your hard work during the ISO. As we level-up. lahat tayo may specific roles to contribute. If one process fails, all systems will fail,โ€ Dr. Fraginal said citing the essence of teamwork in the quest for EOMS.

The quest for EOMS certification will be piloted in the Lingayen (Main) Campus and the other eight campuses will soon follow.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fraginal encouraged PSUnians to level-up to the international arena saying the next step after Philippine Quality Award is the Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA), the only formal international recognition for excellence outside the Philippines.

The consultant said one requirement for this recognition is to be a PQA awardee in the home country. PSU, the first and only tertiary education institution to receive the award, is naturally, qualified to vie for the international recognition, she quipped.