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Being the forefront in providing quality education for all, Pangasinan State University now ventures in providing luxurious accommodation experience through the construction of its Golden Lion Hotel. This also brings the Internship experience closer to its students. There is no need for BSHM students to go far to apply their knowledge and skills. Serving one’s own community will always be one of the most fulfilling learning experiences. There is no place like home indeed.


As PSU’s mission is to make education accessible to all, the Grand Legacy Building was inaugurated in March 2022 to cater more students. Outside the building is a lush green view, the Open Field. The new building provides additional classrooms to ensure that every class has a conducive learning environment. The building also has tables and benches which provide a place for learning and socializing among students.


Students are the center of teaching and learning process. Student Center was established to ensure the growth and development of every student. To have focus on the different students’ needs and activities, several offices were instated: Student Services and Alumni Affairs, Learning Development, Student Supreme Council, Accredited School Organization, and Cast Chronicle (School Publication).


The  Dr. Telesforo N. Boquirin Convention Hall usually holds academic, professional, social, and religious undertakings of PSUnians.  The hall is spacious and has bleachers which allows it to accommodate more people. The hall is also beautifully lit and well ventilated that makes attendees feel comfortable. In addition, a wide LED screen was installed to facilitate the activities and events of the university.


The university ensures that variety of teaching and learning processes are supported. The audio visual room is fully furnished and is installed with different technologies used in teaching and learning process. The audio visual room is flexible in terms of use as it also facilitates meetings, conferences, and other academic activities.


The health and safety of students and employees is a priority in Pangasinan  State University. The Infirmary Room is staffed with physician, dentist, nurses, and medical assistants. The infirmary is equipped with medical facilities and devices to provide care and treatment for sick or injured individuals. Students and employees are also privileged with free medical and dental services.


PSU is supportive of the total development of students and employees. One of the PSU core values is spirituality. The university does not only produce competent professionals, but also morally upright ones. To strengthen the faith of students and employees, the Interfaith Room was built. It welcomes all religions as the university respects and embraces diversity.


Pangasinan State University commits to accepting, understanding, and attending to students’ differences and diversity. The university ensures that no student is left behind. The Support Center was established to build support systems among minority groups. The center listens to the concerns and challenges of students from the minority groups and takes appropriate actions and interventions. In PSU, differences are like the rainbow; they do not create discord but they create unity and harmony.


With all the hard works through the day, students and employees fuel themselves up with thirst quenchers and delicious food at the cafeteria. It offers wide range of nutritious food and beverages with affordable prices. The cafeteria is not just a place to eat at but also a place to loosen up.


The university is ready to address every PSUnian’s needs. As an aid to their learning, books and uniforms contribute to their academic success. When it comes to these necessities, the book store is ready to offer its service for every student.


The library is a haven of knowledge and discoveries. It provides resources for faculty, students, staffs and researchers for their academic development. To keep up to the advent of technology and the pandemic, e-services are also offered wherein everyone can browse though online resources.


Entering the campus’ premises, you will be welcomed with an area where sports activities inside the university are held. The open field is composed of spaces which help in the physical development of every PSUnian.


The covered basketball court is a place for fitness activities and a place where sportsmanship and camaraderie showcased. This area holds basketball matches for faculty, students and other partner organizations. Events can also be held inside the court to protect every PSUnian from the heat of the sun and heavy rains.


As the saying goes, “Health is wealth”. The fitness gym ensures that every person in the university is fit and healthy. Inside the gym are equipment that are relevant to anyone’s training. Gym trainers are always ready to assist everyone in achieving their body goals. What you have to do is to visit and start your journey to fitness!


Aside from the campus’ open field, PSU also has an external sports complex to hold campus and university events, the Narciso Ramos Sports Complex. It is known known for holding various events including sports. What we can see in the complex is an oval for track and field, a court for basketball and volleyball including tennis and a swimming pool. This is where skills in the field of sports are showcased and highlighted.


Traveling from far residences to the university will cost much. Student housing is provided on campus in the form of dorms. This facility helps students in their academic performance as well as their social well-being since they can meet different types of people.


Campus activities are not only confined inside its premises. The campus vehicles come in vans, coaster, and bus.  These are available anytime in transporting campus officials, faculty and students to their destination because establishing linkages is vital in the university.


Hygiene is an essential aspect in having a healthy body and environment. The comfort rooms found in the different parts of the university are ready to cater everyone’s personal needs. They are maintained by hardworking maintenance personnel to make sure that they are indeed a place of comfort. The campus’ comfort rooms are built for male, female, and to all genders.


Pangasinan State University is committed to be inclusive. Buildings are constructed with ramps for PWDs to have access to all the offices and buildings. This ensures that no one is exempted with the services provided by the university.


A clean environment protects anyone from diseases. Through proper waste management, cleanliness can be observed. Inside the campus are segregation bins that are readily available for all individuals. Indeed, PSU helps in saving our planet.