It is worth noting that the reorientation with the College Deans, Department Chairs, and Area Chairs of Economics, Industrial Technology, and Hospitality Management programs on April 27, 2023. This shows that the academic institution is proactive in preparing for the upcoming Level IV accreditation survey visit by AACCUP.

The emphasis on the importance of quality, relevant, and impactful research endeavors by Dr. Randy Joy M. Ventayen, Director for Research and Development, is timely, as research is a critical aspect of academic programs. It helps to ensure that the program is up-to-date with current trends and is relevant to the needs of the industry. The accreditation process ensures that the program meets the highest standards, and the reorientation of the programs on the guidelines and requirements for Area 1: Research is a positive step towards achieving this.

Dr. Ventayen’s call for highlighting the programs’ best practices in implementing research activities is also noteworthy. This shows that the academic institution is not only focused on meeting the accreditation standards but also on improving and innovating its research activities. It also provides an opportunity for other programs to learn from these best practices and improve their research activities.