The Gender and Development Unit in collaboration with the Hospitality Management Department spearheaded Livelihood Training Project 2 for 4Ps Beneficiaries on April 13, 2022, from eight oโ€™clock in the morning until five oโ€™clock in the afternoon at the Covered Court, Mapita Integrated School, Sitio Mapita, Aguilar, Pangasinan.

Mr. Ruben C. Ignacio, Grand Master Chef Kulinarya Pangasinense, Dr. Mondey May M. Fernandez, a Food and Beverage Service Trainer, and Dr. Rricky Tim S. Sison, an Events Management Trainer served as resource speakers.

Mr. Ignacio highlighted and shared techniques for preparing world-famous cuisines incorporating the use of local ingredients available within the local market as well as promoting locally grown foods benefits for the consumers, the growers, and the community.

Dr. Sison shared skills and knowledge on how to do basic table skirting and its impact on the event or activities and gave attention to the output-based evaluation and performance through a return demo of the participants ensuring they could have a deeper understanding of its purpose and benefits.

Dr. Fernandez facilitated training on catering themes, styles, and tips by highlighting the visual aspects involved in a catering service bringing these features to life, and making sure that the catering service providerโ€™s work aligns with their future clientsโ€™ desires as well.

Disclaimer: Health protocols were observed in accordance with IATF guidelines. Participants were required to wear face masks and to maintain physical distancing.