In partnership with municipal Tourism Office of Bani Pangasinan and Faculty members of Economics department lead by the Center Head for Business, Economics and Tourism Dr. Potenciano D. Conte conducted initial meeting to discuss the status of Tourism in Bani Pangasinan last February 25, 2021.

Targeting to improve the tourism of Bani Pangasinan the team formulated and distributed a google survey form. The participants of the said survey are the residents of Pangasinan wherein it has two parts the socio-economic profile and the Knowledge and awareness on the tourism operation of the said Local Government Units.  According to the results of the survey there are two recommendations that are formulated. First is to intensify the creation and development of promotional ads of the tourism destinations of Bani, Pangasinan to enhance the awareness of potential tourist or visitors by way of: a enhancement of the LGU website by adding contents such as promotional photos of the tourism sites, b. creation of documentary clips or videos of these sites focusing the satisfactory experience of the visitors. C. posting of these videos to social media like the Facebook or YouTube d. making the LGU more visible to the social media by creating linkages with other support groups or organization to post the online promotional advertisement of the tourism sites. Second development of tourism Code of LGU Bani in order to standardize processes in the operations of the tourism of the tourism office, to standardize rates in the hotel industry, pricing of rental boats, concessioners. The code will guide the tourism officials, personnel and stakeholders on the various activities and policies related to the local tourism 

Last March 16, 2021 the team led by Dr. Larry A. Santo, the research Director conducted a meeting with LGU Officials, Tourism Officer and Staff at the Pasalubong Center, Bani, Pangasinan. On the said meeting the result of the survey was presented to the participants. Planning sessions was also done in order to plot the possible activities that would be provided by the team to the said LGU.

Site visit of the tourism Sites of Bani Pangasinan such as Busay falls, Olanen beach, Bangrin MPA and the salt farm were the tourist spots of the Bani. This is conducted last March 11, 2021 by the Research, Extension, Innovation and GAD Division led by Vice President Dr. Paulo V. Cenas together with Municipal Tourism Officer Rommel Dulay and his staff.  

In order to intensify the bond between the Research, Extension and Innovation Division: Center for Business Economics and Tourism: Architecture Department: Economics Department: Business Administration Department: and the Hospitality Administration/ Tourism Department and the Local Government Unit of Bani Pangasinan a Memorandum of Agreement signing is held at Pangasinan State University Main Campus last June 15, 2021. The said MOA was approved by the BOR so as to strengthen the agreement between the two parties.

In order for the team to address the recommendations in the survey form another meeting related to tourism code development was scheduled. Different activities are steered in order to pursue the goal of helping the LGU of Bani to have a tourism code and these activities are: presenting program proposal to the LGU of Bani, writing communication Letters to different units and posting of activities at the social media/video. Collaborative efforts of all the faculty involved in the extension are evident and    different ideas was generated in order to completed the draft of the tourism Code of Bani Pangasinan. (Excerpt from the terminal report of Dr. Potenciano D. Conte. Project Leader)