The Association of Future English Teachers (AFET) held an organization election last 22th day of July, this 2022. The election started around 2oโ€™clock in the afternoon and ended around 4oโ€™clock, via Google Meet application. The said event was spearheaded by the incumbent officers together with their organization adviser – Mrs. Vladimir Marie E. Cabutotan, to prepare the next set of the organization officers for the academic year 2022-2023.

The event started with a short role call and checking the attendance of the English students from the incoming first year students to the incoming fourth year students of the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English course, in order to ensure the full participation of these students. After ensuring that all students are on the video conferencing platform, Mrs. Cabutotan, the organization adviser, delivered her opening remarks. She congratulated the current body of AFET, for their success in their three-year term as officers. Mr. Mark Allen Magalong, on behalf of Mr. Callos, presented the different accomplished activities of the organization for the last few months. On top of this, Mr. Dann Christian Callos, the Vice President for Projects and Extensions, presented the significant events and activities that the organization had conducted in the previous years, as well as the future plans which can be adapted and conducted by the new set of officers if they choose to do so. Moreover, the Constitutions-and-By-Laws (CBL) of the organization were presented by Mr. Mark Allen Magalong, the organizationโ€™s executive secretary. Furthermore, Mr. Loreto Larry Fernandez, the Vice President for Finance, has disclosed the finances of the organization which include the money generated in the previous years and the money spent on the activities held by the organization. Lastly, the Income Generating Project (IGP) of the organization was presented and further discussed by the AFET organization president, Ms. Gabrielle Del Rosario.

Finally the most awaited part is the election proper, which was spearheaded by the organizationโ€™s Vice President for Communications – Ms. Mica Ella Estrada. Several positions in the organization were open during the election proper, the following positions are as follows: President (1); Executive Vice President (1); Vice President for Communications (1); Vice President for Finance (1); Vice President for Project and Extensions (1); Executive Secretary (1); Deputy Secretary (1); Treasurer (1); Sub-Treasurer (1); Auditors (2); Press Relation Officers (2); Business Managers (2); Representative (1 per year level); and Supporting Officials (12). The said positions were all open for the English students at all year levels as a manifestation of inclusivity. One by one, students were nominated by their classmates and each of the names are being noted.

The announcement of the google form for the voting segment, as well as the posting of the newly elected officers of the organization will be announced as soon as all the needed number of nominees are filled. Before the event ended, Mr. Teodolph Lee Gacad, the Executive Vice President of the organization delivered his closing remarks. Below are the screenshots of the said event.