The Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) Department through the Young Public Administrators’ Guild (YPAG) conducted a Send-Off Ceremony to its graduating class of 2022 last July 21, 2022, Thursday, from 1:00-5:00pm, which was held at the PSU-Audio Visual Room (AVR) with the theme, “Continuing Excellence: Expanding Horizons in the Pursuit of Career Breakthrough”.

The ceremony, which started at 1:00 PM, begins with preliminaries by staging an audio-visual presentation, which is eventually followed by an opening remark from the CBPA College Dean Dr. Nova E. Arquillano. A few BPA students also performed intermission numbers during the middle portion of the program. The performances were courtesy of Louie Vizcarra and Bryan De Leon, who were also part of the graduating class. Likewise, the activity was a platform for BPA faculties to deliver their inspirational messages to the 2022 batch. Starting with Mrs. Zshyna Mae Ahmed, she emphasized that there will be tons of challenges that the graduates may face once they step out of the campus, but she reminded everyone to not let their fears hold them back. Also present in the send-off activity is Mr. Philip Cesar Segurola, where he advised the graduating class to serve the people whenever they can and always go back to the core value of the program they took—public service. Meanwhile, Atty. Benedict Fernandez tells everyone in the AVR, especially the batch 2022, to always be good and to do good. Lastly, Mr. Menard P. Nava, when he looks back on his own journey when he also graduated 7 years ago in the same program, told the graduating class that there are plans that will not be in their favor, but what matters is that they should persevere in achieving their dreams despite the circumstances.

Furthermore, graduating students Jhamaica Oblanca, John Mark Correa, and Aura Mae Abalos—who were graduating as Cum Laude—shared testimonials about their college experiences as well as motivational messages for the rest of their class. Meanwhile, John Cyrl Miranda, the BPA Department’s graduating Magna Cum Laude, shared some of his realizations with his fellow batchmates in a note that he left for them, in which, according to him, posterity may not know our hopes, fears, anxieties, aspirations, and love. While we are here, we must live life to the fullest and pursue what is considered in Greek philosophy to be the main goals in life – truth, good, and beauty, says Miranda in his closing statement.

Moreover, in order to unite, sing alongside one another, and end the moment before starting a new journey, the batch 2022 was also given the chance to perform their unifying song. At last, a video presentation featuring the department chair, Mr. Jandy Cacapit, who gave closing remarks and wished the class of 2022 well, brings the send-off activities to a close.

YPAG Officers of A. Y 2021-2022, who organized the successful event, also attended the aforementioned event. Whereas the event aims to honor the outstanding accomplishments of the fourth-year BPA students, celebrate their success in life, and draw inspiration from the merits they have acquired. The ceremony gives the BPA faculty members a chance to speak to the graduating students in a way that will encourage and direct them as they go forth on a path to a larger world of employment.

Said ceremony was symbolic because it serves as a reminder to everyone that despite the adversities that a college student may face, they still managed to triumph as they approach their college graduation.