The Bachelor Science of Business Administration Program through the initiative of the Junior Business Managers Association conducted the Extension Program which was made to give something that could help the children at Day Care Center to learn more while enjoying their stay in the Center. Said activity was ignited by the theme, โ€œGift Giving para sa Mga Chikitingโ€, held at Guesang Elementary School on December 20,2016. In which, it was participated in the thirty-nine students of the program.

Said project was facilitated by the IV-BSBA Section A students. In the planning phase of the program, Mr. Abelardo S. Abalos Jr. have decided to whom he will assign the facilitation of the whole activity, and that is the class mayor, Mark Dave S. Salazar. The class mayor, as the leader of the project, have distributed all the task equally, some are assigned to the survey team which will conduct a survey that will provide an idea of what the people of Brgy. Domalandan West, Lingayen, Pangasinan wants to learn for the next semester, some are assigned to the monitoring which will conduct a follow-up study of what was the effect of the last conducted seminar and the other are assigned to the gift giving teams which will conduct the main purpose of the whole extension program.

In the day of the extension program, the survey team and the monitoring have already gone to the said barangay to conduct their designated tasks. While waiting for the participants of the program to arrive, the main team has made sure that everything is ready for the distribution of the gifts.

As the participants arrived at the venue, the main team helped the teacher and the parents to make everything ready for the program to run smoothly. The students also participated in some of the games conducted during their Christmas party. When the giving of gifts has come, we have seen the excitement revealing to each and every single childโ€™s face. We cannot deny the fact that just by seeing those little kids smiling because of our gift is giving us happiness.

As the giving of the gifts ends, Mr. Abelardo S. Abalos, Jr. gave a speech to give our warmest thanks for letting us conduct the program at their barangay, especially to the Barangay Captain of Domalandan West, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Mr. Bernardo S. Magante.