The Junior Business Managers’ Association conducted their first webinar for the academic year 2021-2022 entitled “Accenture Webinar 2021” which was held last December 2021 via Microsoft Teams and Facebook Live. It was coordinated by Mr. Christian Mark Cabaluna, former JBMA Adviser and headed by Ms. Airyll Joyce Bernardo, JBMA President. The webinar’s main purpose was to introduce the BSBA students about Accenture, Job Opportunities, and enlighten them about the Do’s and Don’ts in E-mail writing. The webinar was divided in two parts: day one and day two.

Day one was conducted last December 3, 2021 and was hosted by Ms. Alleyah Bianca Amoyan, JBMA Business Manager and Mr. Ddx Rodman Gulahab, JBMA Auditor. The first topic was was all about the overview of the Accenture. It was briefly discussed by our resource speaker, Ms. Jeanette Tubil, Service Delivery OPS Manager. Accenture is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security. They offer Competitive package, Upskilling and Work Arrangement, Health benefits, Standard leave benefits, and Expanded parental leaves. Learning more about Accenture is very beneficial especially for those graduating students who plan to work in this company after they graduate in college. It does not only give opportunities to fresh graduates; it also offers internship programs. One of the participants said that Accenture has become his new dream company and he wants to work there after he graduates. After learning about the company, Job Opportunities were discussed by Ms. Marielle Fuentes, Campus Recruiting Associate. Ms. Fuentes specifically talked about the Job positions that they offer which was explained in detail in accordance with each designation and assignments. (eg. Working Hours, Role Responsibilities, and Working Conditions). It was a company that does not only provide job opportunities to BSBA students as it is also open to students who graduated from other courses such as technology courses. The first step in their application process is usually done on-site but ever since the pandemic has started, applicants may apply through online now.

Day 2 was conducted last December 10, 2021 and was hosted by Mikky Guntang, a BSBA student and Ms. Airyll Joyce Bernardo, JBMA President. Our resource speaker, Ms. Kristoni Ofrasio, Capability Development Trainer, gave tips and advice about the Do’s and Don’ts of E-mail writing. Ms. Ofrasio gave key ideas on what is effective business writing and its importance. She also showed the steps and stages of the writing process as well as the 10 C’s of Business Writing which are: Complete, Concise, Clear, Conversational, Courteous, Correct, Coherent, Considerate, Concrete, and Credible.

In between the discussions, there were some activities that served as icebreakers that made the students engage. After the fruitful discussion of the topics, certificates and tokens were awarded to the resource speakers as well as the students who actively participated on the 2-Day webinar. The purpose was met, and the students were enlightened about Accenture is and how it operates. The webinar also had a huge contribution on the knowledge of the students about how an E-mail Application should be written. It was indeed a successful webinar as it was participated by more than 250 BSBA students and other students from different courses in Microsoft Teams and 1,800 people reached in Facebook Live both in days one and two. In addition, students collected lots of tips that may help them in their future applications. It was a great opportunity for the students to have an overview on how the employees work responsibly in their designated roles.