The Linguists’ Guild, an accredited student’s organization of Pangasinan State University – Lingayen Campus composed of bona fide AB English Language Students under the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters conducted the “Language Festival 2022”,one of thevirtual events of STUDENTS’ FESTIVAL 2022 with the theme, “Beyond the Pandemic: Overcoming Unprecedented challenges through Public Speaking, Creative Writing and the Arts” last May 4-6, 2022 via the Linguists’ Guild’s and the Supreme Student Council’s official Facebook pages. It is one of the major events of the Guild and has been held annually to showcase the talents and linguistic prowess of the PSU-LC students.

Language Festival 2022 featured various contests like extemporaneous speech, storytelling, poster-slogan making, and editorial writing, that aimed to enrich students’ literary skills, unleash their potential and creative side, and enable them to further enhance their talents in creative writing, public speaking, and the arts.

The extemporaneous speech contest showcased the contestants’ ability to think quickly on their feet when delivering a speech and hones their public speaking skills. The storytelling contest showcased the contestants’ own style, how well they can improvise, and their creativity in narrating. Storytelling brings about language in a stylistic and entertaining form which simultaneously offers the opportunity to enact a story. The poster-slogan making contest showcased raising awareness about language and presented the theme of the whole event in an artistic style that is both textual and visual. The editorial writing contest showcased the writing skills of the contestants and their ability to formulate a viewpoint based on conflicting opinions. All these contests serve as an avenue in enhancing competence and imaginativeness. It is a way of steering away from mechanical learning about language, and instead, focuses on theory and practice.

There were 22 PSUnians who shared their talents during the Language Fest. There were two (2) Extemporaneous Speech participants namely: Alleyah Bianca Amoyan and Kimberly Casaclang; four (4) Editorial Writing paticipants namely: John Paul De Guzman, Rahmia Bulayok, Rizza Ramos, Ray Dyonn Paningbatan; twelve (12) Poster-slogan Making participants namely: Jhamaica Oblanca, Kharl James Madrid, Mark Vince Ventura, Rolando Jr. Pobi, Mark Angelo Mislang, Russeth Daroy, Dhana Ferrer, Jaira Ericyn Verzosa, Chantal Yvonne Carrera, Jon Jon Miranda, Meliza Joy Caracas, Jasmin Manuel; and four (4) Storytelling paticipants namely: Ysabel Angel lee Quizon, Caroline Flores, Francheska Faye Cabrera, and Giovanni Bosegro.

For the extemporaneous speech, Kimberly Casaclang won 1st place and Alleyah Bianca Amoyan won 2nd place. For editorial writing, John Paul De Guzman won 1st place, Rahmia Bulayok won 2nd place, and Ray Dyonn Paningbatan won 3rd place. For poster-slogan making, Dhana Ferrer won 1st place, Jaira Ericyn Versoza won 2nd place, and Mark Angelo Mislang won 3rd place. For storytelling, Caroline Flores won 1st place, Francheska Faye Cabrera won 2nd place, and Giovanni Bosegro won 3rd place.  Winners received 500 pesos (1st place), 300 pesos (2nd place), and 200 pesos (3rd place).

Language is a window, giving the capability to peak into minds. Creativity brings innovativeness and self-expression, essential in success. All of which sharpens the mind and gives perception. It is the middle of the objective world and the experience of it.

The Linguists’ Guild Organization expresses their warmest congratulatory and appreciation E-certificates for the winners and participants of this year’s Language Fest 2022 and to the people who took part in this event.