A Livelihood Training Project 3 for 4Ps Beneficiaries was scheduled on May 30, 2022, from eight o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the afternoon at the Covered Court, Mapita Integrated School, Sitio Mapita, Aguilar, Pangasinan.

The Gender and Development Unit spearheaded the activity in collaboration with the Natural Science Department. The Resource speakers for the whole day activity are Ms. Girlie M. Fernandez, Dr. Lina T. Cancino, Ms. Sharlene Cherry M. Suratzkie and Mr. Mc Ferdie C. Bacton.

Ms. Fernandez shared some tips on saving and reusing leftover pieces of soap and demonstrate too creative ways in enhancing the soap.

Dr. Cancino presented the important steps in the preparation of dishwashing liquid that has an effective cleaning reagent and active degreasing formula that quickly removes grease and ensures the cleanliness of the dishes and facilitated the active participation of the participants in religiously following the steps.

Ms. De Guzman discussed the importance and functions of all the reagents needed for the preparation of a homemade vapor rub and gave an actual demonstration in preparing and packaging it.

Mr. Bacton demonstrated growing more vegetables or other plants in small spaces and enjoined the participants for hands-on training on vertical gardening.

Disclaimer: Health protocols were observed in accordance with IATF guidelines. Participants were required to wear face masks and to maintain physical distancing.