An extension program was conducted by PSU Lingayenโ€™s Math Department with Polong National High School via Zoom last April 23-24, 2021. The said program was entitled โ€œOnline Teaching Of Probability And Statistics With The Aid Of Ms Excelโ€. Its main objective was to help the grade 12 GAS 1 and GAS 2 students learn more about the lessons in probability and statistics and teach them how to use MS Excel in solving and graphing problems regarding the subject matter.

On the first day of the activity, Ms. Maria Rowena Bardiaga, discussed different lessons from probability and statistics. The discussion focused on the basics of the following lessons: frequency distribution, stem and leaf display, histogram, mean, median, mode, percentiles, measures of absolute and relative dispersion, skewness, boxplot, and ANOVA. For every lesson/topic, a game was given to the students using

On the second day, Ms. Bardiaga introduced and discussed on how to use MS Excel in solving problems regarding probability and statistics. She showed the different commands to be used in MS Excel per topic and per problem.

The students indeed gained additional insights in the field of Mathematics.