A façade refers to one side which is usually the front of a building. It is an essential piece to the overall design of a building. And it also provides the opportunity to create a personality and character in a building. A clean and well-presentable façade has the power to grab attention in its surroundings and keep it. Unique facades offer their occupants the opportunity to express their personality and unique style that stands out from the surrounding buildings, thus creating a point of differentiation.

With the initiative of AITS to repaint the College of the Technology facade, the Association of Industrial Technology Students (AITS) conducted a repainting of the College of Technology façade with the main objective of making it presentable to the eyes of the community that will also attract possible new enrollees. They took 3 days (from May 26 to 28) in repainting the College of Technology façade because they just working on it during their vacant or free time. The said activity was done with the help of the graduating Drafting Technology students namely: Cristine Mae Abreo (Class Mayor), Myra Arangca, Zeres Balawat, Argie Maano, Erika Mamaril, Marlon Micu, Paul Carlo Munda, Ronan Orlina, Victor Rojas, Lester Sagles, Jessie Segovia, Marilou Vicente, Ricky Villanueva, Vivian Villar. From the side of the Association of Industrial Technology Students (AITS) officers led by their President Catherine Levita, Joeric Tandoc (2nd year Electronics representative), Roselyn Salamat (Deputy secretary), Ronel Nanquil (Executive secretary) and Jejomar Ibasan (3rd year Automotive representative). In coordination with the Physical Plant and Facilities Coordinator Dr. Claro P. Sison and Professor Ramel Deogracias. The project cost amounting to P5,000 which was funded by the Association of Industrial Technology Students and approved by Mrs. Elizabeth A. Valencerina (AITS Adviser) and Engr. Juanito P. Maneclang (College Dean).

The materials were the following roller brush with long holder, paint roller tray, paint brush 2”, Boysen flat latex white for first coating, Boysen Semi Gloss Cream, paint blue color for lettering, and paint yellow color for shadow of the lettering. There is also a scheduled cleaning in front of the College of Technology PSU Lingayen (West) Campus twice a week to cut the grass in order to maintain its cleanliness and to make it more presentable to the eyes of the community. With this project, it gives an opportunity to all students who participated to have their bonding and also share their skills in painting. The repainting of the College of Technology’s façade became successful because all students who volunteered were happy and willing to share their time and talents for the betterment of the College of Technology. And the keyword to the success of the repainting is the word teamwork. Teamwork builds strong group relationships because the more individuals work close to each other, the more they get to know each other and develop a liking for each other. The more they work together, the more they learn and learn to live with each other’s likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. We were also hoping that no one will try to vandalize the façade so that the time and efforts spent will not be wasted.