TICKLE CURIOSITY and awareness to do something in the community.
This is the prime intention of Dr. Nimrod L. Delante of James Cook University Singapore, on sharing gender-related studies to thousands of viewers on a webinar conducted by the Pangasinan State University-Lingayen Campus Gender and Development (GAD) Unit on February 18 (Thursday).

“Rather than me saying that I am here to solve the problem, I am sharing with you a very humble study as my contribution to the gender and development awareness,” said by the Singapore-based researcher.

Dr. Nimrod believed that the problems surrounding the community on gender identity, relationships, abuse against women and other members of other genders and other gender-related problems is gargantuan, and so, solving these ‘lifetime battles’ is really challenging.

On his talk, he shared two parts: A theoretical research entitled “A Qualitative Study with Filipina Domestic Helpers in Singapore” and “Ways of sharing your GAD related research study” which he considered as practical approach, citing cases on Singapore.

He highlighted the importance of ‘conversation’ on sharing gender-related studies in varied facets which include institutional fora, journal publications, industry dialogues, community fora, and online, social media, print and TV platforms.

With these manners of spreading awareness on existing gender issues, the community will become more participative and engaged amplifying action in making a difference to solve the GAD problems.

‘To me [really] what is really important is to continue the conversation’ which Dr. Nimrod considered as vital commitment to the advocacy.

Moreover, Dr. Nimrod commended the campus commitment in raising GAD awareness through programs and projects spearheaded by GAD Coordinator, Dr. Presley de Vera.

“The Pangasinan State University is doing a lot of ways. I went on your website, I discovered a lot of things and that’s really good,” the learning advisor said.

Dr. Nimrod, a lecturer and academician, taught for nine years in the Philippines before he joined the James Cook University Singapore in December 2012. His research interests include reflective practice/reflective studies, rhetoric/rhetoric studies, intercultural communication, multiculturalism, organizational communication, business communication and development communication.

In the end, the administration signified an amplified commitment to expand knowledge and gauge the PSU community with effective ways of sharing to raise GAD awareness.