Last December 17, 2021 conducted it’s first ever Online Kamustahan via Microsoft Teams. This event is to have an opportunity to all the students in Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics to get along with each other. The event began with the warm introduction of the student hosts, Ms. Sofia Soriano, one of the FNDC PROs, and Ms. Angela Cayabyab, the FNDC President, who gave the students the confidence to participate actively in the event. This was followed by a prayer led by Ms. Jonnah during which everyone prayed in silence. Then, along with Mrs. Helen Viray, the head of the nutrition and dietetics department, and Ms. Johana Celestino, who gave a motivational speech for the audience, Mrs. Jobelle Navarro, the chairperson of the nutrition and dietetics department, gave a wonderful welcome message for all of the participants who joined the Online Kamustahan via MS Teams and thanked everyone who supported and helped make the event possible. Following their remarks, a video presentation of the spoken poetry “Karamay” by the FNDC officers was shown. Its motivational message, written by Ms. Chelzine Paramio, one of the FNDC PROs, and enhanced with the voices of the students and teachers, was intended to inspire their fellow students to take one step at a time and give themselves a time to breathe and enjoy from the exhausting days of attending online classes and doing school-related activities.

The virtual games, where students competed against one another or partnered up, made up the next portion of the event. The game phase began with the “4 ingredients-1 word” game, which Mr. Michael James Anoc, the FNDC 2nd year representative, hosted. In this game, four images of various food ingredients were displayed on the screen, and the students had to use their quick thinking and deduction skills to determine which dish those ingredients came from. By doing this, they gradually warmed up the class because they were beginning to feel challenged while also having fun. Next, Ms. Chelzine Paramio organized a game called “Wika Rambulan.” Since they were grouped into teams according to their year levels, the kids appeared prepared for the upcoming challenge. The third game, “Guess the Gibberish,” which was once again presented by Mr. Anoc, asked the kids to demonstrate their knowledge and dexterity by guessing the right phrases from the jumbled letters they were seeing on their displays. After the FNDC officer had prepared three games, however, the students were unsatisfied and wanted to play more, so the teachers offered the game “Bring Me,” in which the teacher asked the students to quickly show her various items by sending their pictures through the chat box. Whoever sent the required picture first won. The FNDC officials recommended for the final game, in which students drew things randomly on the screen and the other players had to guess what they represented based on a cue. The announcement of the winners and the distribution of prizes marked the end of the games. Mrs. Geraldine Niñeza, FNDC Adviser, gave heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and supported the event in her closing words, and she also left everyone with an uplifting message.